The Foundation “Wonderful that you are…” was created out of the hope that the potential of people on the autism spectrum is unlimited.

We want to speak about how the way we look at people matters. The way we look at individuals, whose nervous system and other aspects of their biochemical functioning make it difficult for them to build relations, even with loved ones. We want to help you understand that the difficulties, problems and ills of people with autism are very often connected to our expectations. We also aim at sharing knowledge in conferences, training sessions, lectures, and talks on how to improve the effectiveness of therapy by changing our attitude. It is made possible thanks to teachers whom we will invite to Poland, coming from all over the world and from our home country.

Our main task is to conduct regular Son-Rise Program trainings. We want to give the parents of individuals on the spectrum and with similar developmental challenges, as well as specialists dealing with these areas, an opportunity to benefit from knowledge that has helped change the lives of thousands of families around the world.

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