Managment Board

Adrian Borowik – President of the Board. Educator, pedagogue, therapist, trainer. For several years, he has actively supported the families of people on the autism spectrum. The approach which he promotes results from deep reflection on how social relations are built. In his many years of therapeutic work, he learned techniques and strategies of “non-directive” types of therapy. Propagator and enthusiast of the Son-Rise Program. For several years he participated in Son-Rise Program therapy as a volunteer. Co-founder of the Fundacja Być Bliżej Siebie (“Being Closer to One Another” Foundation). Founder of Przylądek Dobrej Nadziei (Cape of Good Hope).

Małgorzata Lipczewska-Litwińczuk – Vice President of the Board. Deaf peoples’ teacher and speech therapist, Fun Interaction Communication is the direction of my activities. I have been spending time playing with children since the beginning of my professional life. In addition to working as a therapist, I am a project coordinator and organizer of social and socio-cultural projects. I am passionate about the artistic activity of people with disabilities. I am both recipient and creator of handicrafts for which I use media techniques. My main role in life is being mom of two most wonderful boys.

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